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1. Intro to EMS systems and the role of the bystander/first responder
2. Legal and ethical principles of emergency care
3. Wellness and safety of the bystander/first responder
4. Quick review of anatomy
5. Principles of lifting, moving, and positioning of ill or injured people (hands-on)
6. Airway management and rescue breathing (hands-on)
7. Principles of assessment (hands-on)
8. Caring for medical emergencies, including heat and cold exposure
9. Caring for soft-tissue injuries and shock (hands-on)
10. Caring for muscle and bone injuries (hands-on)
11. Caring for injuries to the head, face, and spine (hands-on)
12. Multiple casualty incidents and principles of triage (hands-on)
13. Childbirth…yes, childbirth (hands-on)

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