The preparedness arm of TRG:
Gorge Preparedness!

Gorge Preparedness is now a part of The Readiness Group/TRG.

Most of us folks at TRG live in the woods; a few drive great distances to work in the big city, while most work closer to home. The majority of us live where stores are miles away; neighbors are to be cherished, your word is your bond, and doing a good deed daily is a way of life. Where we live life matters, and preparedness is the game of life.

We believe in giving, serving, self-reliance, and being grateful to God for everything. We believe in being prudent, looking ahead to see what is coming, and being prepared for whatever there is… a big snowstorm or silver thaw, flooding, “Gorge winds,” the only road out blocked, forest fire, earthquakes, or the cost to buy a tank of gas—more than our budgets can absorb.

Planning and being prepared are essential, and striving to do it a little better drives us to learn from those who are better at doing “it.” That is why we decided to share our journey with you—to invite you along so that ALL of us together can build more resilient families, neighborhoods, and communities—so that WHEN we NEED to do it “ourselves,” we will do it and succeed.

Our limitless curiosity and needs fuel the topics of our local workshops. We invite you to let us know if there is a topic you would like us to offer. Likewise, if you want to become an instructor and live what you teach, we want to hear from you.

So, welcome to TRG! Stop by our storefront… often–we are constantly looking for the best products to share with you. Sign up for the monthly newsletter, check out our workshops, and as soon as it goes “live,” browse our online store.

At TRG, we invite you to join us, learn, have a lot of fun, and make new friends! Also, we would be honored if you would help spread the word and “Like Us” on Facebook

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