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The Readiness Group

Training, Security, Preparedness

Concerned about our friends, neighbors and community, Gorge Preparedness, Gun Fighting Systems and Fosburg Enterprises have come together to form a team to help all of us become better prepared, safer, and more secure.

Today we are…

The Readiness Group (TRG)

The Readiness Group stands for “Safety & Security”. Veteran-owned, our goal at The Readiness Group is to provide the highest quality safety, security, and defensive training and preparedness education, products, and gear to people living in southwest Washington and the Portland metro, and northwest Oregon area.

A company synonymous with integrity and quality, TRG offers small group workshops and private lessons, as well as home security consultations and build outs, plus a range of preparedness supplies, equipment, gear, accessories and an indoor, smokeless shooting training and practice range.

We look forward to building a long-term relationship with you and those you want to keep safe!

Our Team is on Your Team

Carl, Christian & David

The Readiness Group Store

The Readiness Group

3316 3rd Avenue, Camas WA 98607

Edible Wild Plant Author John Kallas Discusses Fascinating Wild Foods

Saturday, May 4th, 2-5 pm

This is a fun, colorful, educational slide presentation about common edible wild plants in the Pacific Northwest & all of North America. Suitable for ages 8 – 100. Plants covered are found in Dr. Kallas’ books Edible Wild Plants: Wild Foods From Dirt to Plate, 2010 & Wild Foods From Foraging to Feasting, 2023.

Topics covered include identifying, processing, and preparing wild foods. All wild foods are traditional foods we have lost touch with. Learn how they can be incorporated into a delicious modern everyday diet.

Edible Wild Plants in Earthquake Preparedness & Everyday Life

Saturday, June 1st, 2-5 pm

This is a three-hour slide presentation on the practical use of wild foods for everyday living. These wild foods can prove useful in a home-based survival situation, like surviving a major earthquake. How do you prepare for successful use of wild foods, and how do you make the most of your knowledge of wild foods? What wild foods are the most useful to know? We’ll cover as much as we can in our three-hour workshop.

Edible Wild Plants of Camas, WA & the Whole Pacific Northwest

Sunday, June 30th, 2-5 pm

Join wild food expert John Kallas on a walk of several habitats around Camas. We’ll identify and taste (if possible) wild foods that are available around the end of June. See the plants up close. Learn key identifying features. Ask questions you’ve always wanted to now. If you own land around the Camas area and are willing to let us come look at your wild plants (farmland, gardens, swamp, forest, or field filled with diverse plants), contact John at 503-775-3828.

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If you want to be more self-sufficient, we are here for you! If you want to learn to “do it yourself” we host a variety of workshops, all hosted by subject experts, and all at a reasonable price.

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