This is a beginners, level I, 3-day outdoor survival workshop for folks 18 years old and over who are interested in a completely hands-on experience of surviving outdoors in the Pacific Northwest.

Friday night is a “required attendance,” intensive orientation course 6 to 10pm.  Here you will get all the basics on this “Beginners Outdoor Survival Workshop.”  You MUST bring your 72-hour pack to this orientation meeting–NO EXCEPTION!!!

Next morning we meet at 8a.m. SHARP and head out to learn the skills necessary to survive on your own in the woods!  This includes building your own shelter, finding and securing your own water and food, and building and maintaining your own fire.  If you want to stay warm and dry, eat and drink, protect yourself and find your way through the woods this is a great weekend to either develop some basic skills or enhance the ones you have!

This 3-day workshop is limited to 20 people, ages 18 & over.  Friday 6 to 10pm; Sat. 8am to Sun. 3pm  If you survive the weekend you will be awarded the book, “One Second After.”

Instructor Bio: Mark