Meals-In-A-Jar: Yankee Pot Roast & Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Yes, it’s really is “REAL roast beef,” folks, swimming in a rich dark gravy, poured over creamy garlic mashed potatoes. You haven’t tasted something this good since Sunday dinner at Grandma’s. It’s all from scratch and shelf stable up to 10 years. PLUS we will samples some upcoming “Meals-in-a-Jar” meals during this class!
Using freeze dried and dehydrated foods, learn how to make and stock a deliciously popular, super healthy, main course meal suitable to many dietary needs–in your family’s Home Food Pantry-Store. This is a “quick and easy home-made pre-mixed meal” stored in Mason Jars, for long-term shelf life–where all you need to do later is add water!

This workshop is inspired by the book, “The Gourmet Food Storage Handbook” by Stephanie Peterson. Each “Meal-In-A-Jar” generally has 6-8 servings and costs about $2 per serving to make. This meal has been taste tested and approved by the instructor’s picky family and some of the Gorge Prep staff. We have weeded out the “less desirable” recipes for you so you can confidently join the “Meal-In-A-Jar” frenzy!

Store for long term preparedness or a busy weeknight meal. Decorate and give as gifts for many occasions. The “just add water” feature ensures the recipient or user of the meal will not need to supply additional ingredients. All you need is clean water and a heat source and you’ve got a delicious meal!

Attendees will purchase ingredients to make a “Ready-Dozen” (12 one quart jar) set of this meal. A few miscellaneous items you will provide from your own pantry. Complete list provided to you upon registration. Several items in your “Ready-Dozen” kit will have leftovers for you to take home. You will learn vacuum sealing techniques to create these shelf stable meals which last 5 to 10 years in your pantry.

Workshop materials provided: oxygen absorbing packets, jar labels, instructions, and some miscellaneous ingredients.

Registration fee: $30 entitles you to make one “Meal-in-a-Jar” or… you can opt to SAVE YOUR SELF the registration fee by signing up to order our kit that will allow you to make a dozen “Yankee Pot Roast Ready Meals-in-a-Jar” for just $170. When you order more than 1 kit, you will save 10% off each kit (which makes it $153 for a kit to make a dozen “meals”). If you order a kit, please use coupon code: freekit to be refunded your $30 registration fee.
Kits must be ordered at least a week BEFORE the workshop to ensure a timely delivery!! These kits can be shared with a friend or two or three, or be like us and keep these delicious “Meals-in-aJar” in your own pantry for quick, delicious, healthy meals in minutes!

Meals-In-A-Jar II Workshop is January 20, 2015 & Meals-In-A-Jar III is April 21, 2015

Instructor’s Bio: Tracey